A few things I've realized after my first football game as doctor.

1. I'm very bad at the musculoskeletal exam. But thankfully, I'm learning.

2. High School division 1A schools have pretty bad bands.

3. There are some songs (i.e anything by Rihanna, or this song, or especially this one - please check out this link) that should never be arranged for a marching band.

4. Standing on the sidelines during a football game is a smelly, smelly place to be.

5. Examining football players just coming off the field in their drenched-with-sweat jerseys is an even smellier affair.

6. Jeff's genius observation of the night, which was made after I was complaining that I felt like my pants were a little too tight (He wasn't talking about me.) - "There were a LOT of people bustin' out of a LOT of things."


Jeff said…
Let's be honest here, Aubrey's kind remark that the bands were "pretty bad," does not do justice to how bad they really were. Mostly just the McCormick band. They actually performed these above linked songs as their field show. The majority of the field show was the band standing in parallel lines, holding their instruments aside, and busting dance moves while "singing" the lyrics to the songs.

On the bright side, I'm sure the tuba and bass drum players were delighted to finally get the lead parts for the field show.
Michael said…
okay, I went to the last link mentioned and have a question. What language was that?!!
Maybe you'll get to go to Emerald HS. My cousin's went there and I am pretty sure they speak English :)
Melanie said…
Welcome to South Carolina, Jeff.
Erin E. said…
seriously? i love highschool football....and just so ya'll all know....jessica bell's father calls the football game every weekend in Gilbert, SC....it's a real treat to hear....(ps. he hasn't had kids in highschool for 10 years now...who loves SC...me! me!)
and did those songs even have real instruments?

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