More Football Tips

1. I cannot stress this enough - The best place to stand when around football players is upwind. Seriously. Unless you can survive without breathing for long periods of time. Even before the game starts. Upwind always.

2. It is very difficult to run onto the field when you are holding a diet coke, have scissors in your belt loop, and two types of tape looped using plastic bags through another belt loop. Thankfully by the end of the game I seemed to have it down. Mildly.

3. I'm discovering that I should trust my own exam skills. I examined a kid tonight who got hit in the chest and then was coughing up some blood. I thought he had some decreased breath sounds on the right, maybe, but with all the other noise and the band playing, I just wasn't sure. We sent him to the ED and it turns out he did actually have a small amount of air and blood inside his chest. (A hemo/pneumothorax for those who want the technical term.) He is going to be fine, and this will just go away on its own. But it is nice to know that I wasn't making it up.


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