Are you ready for some Football?

One of the biggest benefits of this Sports Medicine rotation is that I get to be a part of something very, very important here in South Carolina - High School Football.

I'm not sure most people who live outside the South really understand the phenomenon that is high school football. Small towns here live and die by how their football team performs. The games are not just attended by parents - usually the whole town comes out and the biggest news story on Saturday morning is how the team performed - no matter what else may have happened overnight. I have some fond memories of watching the D.W. Daniel Lions play when I was in high school, bundling up in a jacket and going to a "Fifth Quarter party" at our church after the game was over. There is something wonderful about the smell of fall in the air, sitting on hard concrete stands, listening to the fight song performed by the high school band, and watching young men pummel each other.

Tonight, I get to stand on the sidelines at the football of McCormick High School, and treat whatever injuries occur. You might see me trying to run out onto the field to attend to an injured athlete.

Hopefully I won't trip.


Elsa said…
Funny about DW football. I guess I was just not interested enough in football to realize the hype. Have fun at the game tonight.

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