So everyone can understand why I avoid wearing my white coat a few days a week due to neck pain, here is the current contents of my pockets:

2 pens
1 bottle of hemoccult developer (Let's just say as an intern, I get to do a LOT of rectal exams)
25 hemoccult cards (See above.)
1 ipod nano (I heart podcasts.)
1 name badge
cell phone
car keys
keys to the call room
palm pilot (an intern's best friend)
small serving of cheese (prepackaged, of course, not just floating freely)
an apple (to eat with the cheese)
vanilla coke zero (I don't normally carry around that much food, but I was just doing an admission in the ER and thought I might need some caloric/caffeinic reinforcements if it was going to be a while, but since I left the ER I had to put the food in my pockets to transport it back upstairs.)

Plus I was carrying my stethoscope (which occasionally is in my pocket but obviously I didn't need ANYTHING else in those pockets) and my trusty clipboard where I keep all my patient notes. My Pager is attached to my pants.

Oh yeah...AND a water.

Intern or pack mule?
You decide.


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