High Fiber Cereal: Works for Me

These days, I'm eating a lot of meals at the hospital. Instead of relying on the hospital to provide a healthy breakfast (they only healthy things they provide are cottage cheese and fruit), I usually end up bringing something. Jeff and I have always been big fans of cereal. Normally, I'm not AT ALL picky about the brands, and love finding store brands of the cereals I like. In trying to eat healthier, though, there are two cereals that I love, and I have yet to find a generic version:

Fiber One and AllBran Bran buds.

I find myself rotating between these two cereals to bring in to work. They are extremely high in fiber, which besides helping to keep you...ah....regular, they also are lower in calories and stick with you longer than almost all other cereals. During these long days where I'm often running around to Code Blues, delivering babies, and seeing patients in clinic, having a breakfast that lasts until lunch is very important. Usually I eat them with frozen blueberries or other fruit from the hospital in yogurt. (They are also great with soy milk, but as I've said before, the hospital doesn't seem to provide that, either.) They are more expensive than other cereals, but I think they are worth the price.

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carrie said…
I like high fiber cereals, too, but I buy Kashi Go Lean Crunch and various granolas.
carrie said…

It's me again. Thanks for leaving a comment on my post. A nurse friend of mine recommended the teething tablets to me, so I've felt good about using them. We do give our son Tylenol on occasion, as well.

Just checked out your profile--you have fabulous taste in music! My sister lives about an hour south of Charleston--what a beautiful area.

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