I eat out twice a week.

Ok, technically speaking I meet Aubrey at the hospital cafeteria two nights a week when she is on call. But since I have a mild case of hospital-phobia, I just pretend its not a hospital at all, and that I'm just meeting Aubrey at a restaurant for a dinner date. Of course, its a bit of an odd restaurant.

First of all, the dress code is really, really, really casual. I appreciate that Aubrey treats it like a true date and shows up wearing her white-coat attire. Other people show up for their reservations wearing scrubs all the time. Heck, you might as well wear a gown that's open in the back, you won't feel out of place.

The decor is nice, if a little eccentric. There are all these posters bragging about how great the doctors are. Frankly, if I owned a restaurant, and I served food such that I had to keep a staff of doctors on hand, I don't think I'd be bragging about it.

The staff is friendly. They don't have valet parking, but I do sometimes get a golf cart ride from my car to the front door, which is quite classy. But once inside they sometimes treat Aubrey like she works there or something. Occasionally Aubrey gets pulled away from our dinners to go help with something. I mean, Aubrey is an awfully good cook and all, but you'd think they could handle this restaurant without her help.

The food is good, overall I give the place Five Stars!


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