Free Music and a Fun Trip

I just found this link to get a free CD by a band called Monk and Neagle by linking back to here. Check it out. The songs I've heard on the CD so far are these really great acoustic songs, better than most everything I hear on Christian radio these days. I got an email saying my free CD is in the mail, so I'll have to let you know how I feel once I hear the whole thing.

In other news, my favorite husband and I just got back from a little surprise weekend getaway to Atlanta. Jeff planned the whole thing and I had NO idea where we were going or what we'd do. Not surprisingly, he did an excellent job: We saw a show at the Fox Theater (Dream Girls), we stayed at a nice hotel (it had a pool on the ROOF), and did some excellent shopping (Ikea). We also hit up the zoo and farmer's markets, and he humored me on the way back by stopping at a bookstore so I could get the new Harry Potter book. (I loved it.) I came back feeling refreshed and ready to start my internal medicine rotation.

And in still more news, the patient I wrote about last week who nearly died during her c-section went home over the weekend, apparently fully recovered. Praise God, the great physician.

I think my white coat (with its requisite 10 lbs of papers, stethoscope, PDA, and pens) is making my neck sore. Seriously. I might take a break from it tomorrow.


Julie said…
My short white coat makes my neck sore. I'm going to start an anti-white coat campaign. I think we need hip belts of some sort instead. Julie

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