Day 1 lessons

I've learned a few valuable things here on my first day.

1. When delivering a baby, WEAR A MASK, or at least goggles. Trust me. You are in DIRECT firing line for LOTS of fluids. So be prepared.

2. Try and have your husband come and visit you on call and give you a backrub. Or at least bring you delicious fish tacos with peach mango salsa from home. They will make your first call night loads better.

3. Babies are quite slippery when they come out. It's considered poor form to drop them. (Thankfully I didn't learn this one the hard way.)

It's been quite fun so far, though, with two deliveries under my belt. No real calls yet, so I've just been trying to read and remember all the things I forgot during my fourth year about obstetrics. And enjoy the nice LCD flat screen TV in the call room.


Erin E. said…
Holy cow aubrey....hilarious! I'm so glad that you're lovin it!

Anonymous said…
I love reading about your experiences. Two thumbs up for NOT dropping the baby. LOL.

-Rebecca T.
Kenny said…
Aubrey, check this out - it seems to apply:

And thanks for the info about the slippery babies. I'm going to let our doctor know!
Totallyscrappy said…
Yes. I'm sure that dropping the baby is bad form. :)
Thanks for the chuckle!

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