Why I love Family Medicine....

Although there are many, many reasons I chose to go into the field of family medicine, (a field many look down upon), one was recently illustrated at work.

My first day of clinic was Wednesday. As time goes on, I'll gradually accumulate my own patients who will come to see ME as their primary doctor. Since we just started, I have basically no patients, so the people I see in clinic are walk-ins, or people who need to be seen but their resident doctors had other responsibilities or were out of town.

Except one.

My very first patient who is assigned to me as her primary doctor happens to be a baby that I delivered. This tiny little precious girl whom I brought into this world (with help from her mother, I suppose) is now MY patient. I'll get to take care of her as long as I'm a resident. I'll watch as she learns to sit, and talk, and laugh, and eat, and run. If her mom gets pregnant again, I may be able to care for her, and then usher this little girl's sibling into this world, and care for that baby, too.

Being a family doctor is great.


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