The long haul begins.

Tomorrow I start my first month of internal medicine wards. I'm starting to get a little nervous. The internal medicine service tends to be very busy, with complicated patients, and sleepless call nights. I'm excited about it, but know that it's going to be a tough few weeks. I'm actually going to have two months of medicine in a row now. Looking at the schedule, I realized that I'm going to work from Aug 2-Sept. 11, and have only 1 day off.

Yeah. That's 1 month and 9 days of working, (including weekends), with 1 single, solitary Wednesday off.

I guess I should do some laundry this weekend.


Erin E. said…
no no no....don't do laundry on your only day off till Sept. 11. I say, go for a bike ride this weekend, play with your husband and lucy and buy some new cheap underwear at walmart so you won't have to do laundry until sept. 12.

miss ya'll.

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