Does chocolate soy milk come from brown soy beans?

I came home from work two days ago to find to large, heavy boxes awaiting me from amazon. I was somewhat surprised since I hadn't ordered anything from amazon, but briefly wondered if they just decided, out of the kindness of their collective hearts, to supply me with one of the many items on my wish list. Upon opening the box, I was surprised to discover something much better and more useful for my current life, given that I don't have time to read, listen to music, or even watch very many movies, since sitting too still in the evenings leads to me rapidly falling asleep.

This is what awaited me:
Two whole cases of CHOCOLATE soy milk, in a very portable form for me to enjoy at work!!

I have been thinking for weeks about how I wanted to get some single-serving soymilk containers since the cafeteria of course doesn't have it, and I'm pretty sure that even ASKING for it would either elicit severe confusion (What? Ya mean they can milk a bean?) or get me run out of town (Milk is the official state beverage, and any replacement is probably considered either sacreligious or downright communist). Either way I'm suspect. But now, any time I want, I get to enjoy a nice, cold chocolate milk, and it's even one that will not induce any of the...err... digestive unpleasantness associated with regular milk!

A big, HUGE double-sized THANK YOU to Dave and Hannah for such a perfect and thoughtful gift!

In other exciting news...I just realized that since I'm not on call on Labor day, I get the day off!!!! It's a bonus day off! Woohooo!!!

It's somewhat amusing how a little chocolate and an extra and unexpected day off can make me this happy.


GMoM said…
Perhaps you might want to get a brown paper bag to wrap around that soy drink to protect your image, OR that of South Carolina, since milk is the official drink!

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