4:45 am

I wanted to clear one thing up. Since the night I thought would never end, most of my call nights have been relatively painless. I don't want my entire readership to think that every call = no sleep and lots of work. I've had several where I got to sleep for more than 3-4 hours. :) It is best, I think, just to expect the worse so that when it happens you are not too disappointed. Last night, for instance, I was SO close to getting to lay down, but then got paged because one of our patients got very sick and had to be intubated.

One thing I am learning from the nights when I don't get to sleep: I can ALMOST fall asleep standing up if I'm still enough. This I discovered while scrubbed in to watch my upper level resident put a central line (large IV that goes into a vein that is close to the heart) into a sick patient.

I've also decided that between 4am and 6 am is the absolute WORST time for me to be awake. I do NOT do my best learning at that time. I've noticed I actually start to feel sick to my stomach. It makes me wonder if everyone feels that way, or if I'm just weak.


Erin E. said…
Aubrey....puh lease....you are not weak sister. You are strong---real real strong. And just so you know, I thought of you a gazillion times this weekend on my 14 mile run. I spit over the bridge and said that was for Aubrey....and then every time that Matt or Zach would spit over the bridge, they would say...For Aubrey!
talk to you soon.
Julie said…
Don't feel weak. I start to feel sick to my stomach around 1:30. You make it way later into the night than I do. I think it's a normal response to putting ourselves in not normal living situations. Our bodies are definitely NOT made to live without sleep.

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