I feel like many of my recent posts I've written after a call night, so I thought I should balance things out with a pre-call post.

Going into a call night is somewhat exciting as many questions run through my head:

Will I get any sleep?
Will someone code?
Will I have some interesting patients?
Is there going to be good dinner at the cafeteria?
Will I know enough?
Will my PDA run out of batteries?
Where did I leave my stethoscope?

Then come the answers:

I hope so.
I pray not.
Occasionally. But there are always milkshakes.
Never. Absolutely never.
Only if there is information on it I absolutely need.
Who knows, but I hope all of you appreciate that even with becoming a doctor, deep down I am obviously still the same absent-minded person.


Anonymous said…
Good News! I was just over at the hospital to grab dinner with Aubrey and we found her stethoscope.

Melanie said…
Surely you have room in one of your white coat pockets for your stethoscope, right Aubrey? I mean, it probably only weighs seven thousand pounds with out it in there, if it's anything like Andrew's.

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