Me Use Tool.

This week it became obvious that we needed a new piece of furniture in the house. And since I always dread the many hours spent flipping through catalogs, deciding on colors, hiring interior decorators, feng shui analysts, and of course spending all the money, I decided that I would just go ahead and make the piece of furniture myself. Fortunately it was just a small bookshelf. And it was going to go in the closet, so asthetics were of low concern.

Unlike some of my more mechanically minded friends, I don't do a lot of woodworking, so this was somewhat of a big undertaking for me. I always get frustrated when I have to work on things, usually because I don't have the correct tools. After all, its hard to build things when your only tools are a 192-piece ratchet set and a tape measure. And lately I can't find my tape measure.

As part of my preparations before starting construction, I went to Lowe's to buy a saw. I found a few that caught my eye, like this one. But since it was about $664 above my saw budget I settled for a slightly scaled down model.

Sure, its the smallest saw they sell at Lowe's, other than the ones they use to sharpen their pencils with, but still, I felt a wave of manliness as I bought my new saw. Saw's are dangerous. It feels good to have a sharp, dangerous tool in your hand, and to wield it well. With it, I am exercising my dominion over the creation. I can take a large piece of wood, and at a whim, make it into several smaller pieces of wood.

"...So they became cutters of wood..." -Joshua 9:21

All in all my shelving project was a success. The hand saw took some effort, but thankfully I had had almost all the wood precut at Lowe's with their enormous wall mounted saw. All I really had to saw was a 1x2 that I needed to cut into 8 inch sections. Yes, a 1x2. I was a little too embarrassed to ask them to cut that for me at Lowe's. But for this, my $15 saw was perfect.

The Outtakes from "Me Use Tool."

It turned out to be pretty difficult to get just the perfect "tough guy with saw" picture for this episode. Here's a few of the takes that ended up on the "cutting room floor," as they say in the biz.

This one just looked like I was angry with the saw...

Aye, matey, look at me saw!

Now I'm just depressed and bored by my saw.


Almost there...


Melanie said…
too many potential comments running through my head ... laughing to hard ... can't choose just one ...

Maybe, though, when I stop laughing and decide whether those last pictures are funny or scary, the comment would have something to do with the bank t-shirt and cap you have on.
emily.faulkner said…
You kinda like a commercail for south caroline federal bank. i wonder if that is the image that they are going for?

congrats on your bookcase and your saw of manliness.
Ken said…
Nice outtakes!

And speaking of taking things out, I'm not sure why my comment on your Junior blog never showed up. I typed that with one hand (as I do often these days) while I was holding another kind of junior...

It was a good comment. But alas, it is no more.

(Oh, I bet I didn't do the word verification or something... those aren't words anyway!!)

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