My Faithful Steed

Many of you who read this blog will immediately recognize the above picture. Its a picture of strength. A picture of nobility. A picture of steadfastness. Yes, its a picture of Junior. Junior is my beloved truck.

Junior is a 1986 Nissan Pick-up, which means this year he'll be turning 20 years old. I don't know his exact birthday. He didn't become a part of the Tell family until he was 8 years old, in August of 1994. That's when I moved with my parents to Colorado Springs. It was too far for me to walk to school, and my parents surely were not going to drive me everyday, so I ended up with Junior.

Oh, the places Junior and I have been together. Several trips to San Diego, across the Mojave desert in the summer with no air conditioning. Through the Colorado mountains, crossing Vail Pass in the snow, valiantly using 3rd gear to get up the hill. At least 16 seperate trips across the expansive void which is Kansas(one with Bro snoozing in the passenger seat). Sweltering summers in St. Louis. A 24 hour nonstop drive from St. Louis to Utah for spring break 2003. A 4,000 mile road trip from Colorado to South Carolina to Pennsylvania and back. Junior and I have lived in four states together.

The current not-so-flattering picture of Junior displays the fact that as of this weekend, Junior has a legal liscense plate for the first time since 2003. Its not that he has been unregistered, its that his old Missouri plate was stuck. Stuck good too. I broke 3 screwdrivers trying to get it off. But this weekend I finally got it off, and now Junior is a proud resident of South Carolina. The picture also shows some extra character Junior picked up in his turn signal when Aubrey backed him into a tree.

I'm pleased to say that Junior has over 213,000 miles and show no signs of slowing down. He's a good faithful truck. Not too showy or flamboyant, real down to earth, the kind of truck you can feel good about driving. Posted by Picasa


Peter said…
Ah, good old Junior. I hope my Altima, which is now getting close to 12 years old and has 119,000 miles on it, will last as long as Junior. Sadly, it has suffered more slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, and has small dents on all four fenders and two new tires (courtesy of the people who decided to retire the old ones with the help of a screwdriver). Maybe I'll write a nostalgia post, although I don't think I can compete!
Aubrey said…
I would like to add a few things to make sure this post is balanced. I don't think Jeff's assessment that Junior shows no signs of slowing down is quite accurate. When you drive Junior, you can't hear yourself think the noise inside the car is sooo loud. Junior also does this very strange thing where the engine will speed up and then slow down for no apparent reason. You need to work out before you drive him, since turning the wheel requires great force. As much as I love Junior, I do think it is about time for him to go to the big parking lot in the sky.
Peter said…
Unable to hear self think? Abnormal heart rhythms? Unpowered steering? Pish, posh. Trivialities. :)
Ken Shomo said…
I wonder how Junior compares to Aubrey's private jet... Is that what this is all about?

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