my job is pretty cool

Soo....I will say that sometimes I do have a great job. I mean, I got to ride IN THE COCKPIT, while WEARING THE HEADPHONES. How cool is that?!? Our pilot kept on saying "6356 charlie." That was our name. Or handle. Or whatever it is called in the aviation world.

The whole experience was great. We went to the Pee Dee center, a residential "facility" for adults with physical disabilities and mental handicaps. You always hear about people with disabilities getting put in "institutions" and the connotation is always negative. This place was way better than I would ever have imagined. The nursing staff does such an incredible job taking care of these people. They really become part of their family. The people who live there can have jobs and make money to buy things they want.

I'm not sure why, but people there really seemed to respond to me. Maybe it was the bright green shirt I was wearing. We were walking through a building where the residents were working. And this younger guy, wearing his helmet to protect his head and face when he has seizures, came up to us. He began asking all of us our names and shaking everyone's hand. I said, "Hi, I'm Aubrey." He then says, "Hey baby!" And gives me this huge hug. Later we went to visit one of the classrooms, and this woman with obvious mental handicaps came over to me as soon as we got there. She had this huge smile on her face and was drooling everywhere. She came right over with her arms outstretched and gave me a big hug. All I could think about was that I hoped I wasn't going to drooled on.

It made me think of Jesus, and how he was never scared to touch the lepers and eat with prostitutes. And here I was, trying to not get drooled on by this sweet woman who was made in God's image. I was convicted and reminded how it is not alwasy easy to love others. But that is the kind of love that God calls us to - the kind of love that recognizes his image in everyone, not only those who are pretty or cute, but also those who might get you dirty.


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