a real life mtv "crib"

Jeff and I just got back from visiting the nicest house I have ever been in. It is even better than the Zeller's lake house, which is kind of hard to imagine. (sorry, Kristin) The house was 3 stories, with a garage on the bottom and then two floors of living space. There were: 2 full kitchens, a game room with a bar, lots of bedrooms, including two master bedrooms, one of which had a separate sitting area, a formal dining room (which could probably seat 25), a casual dining room, plus a large kitchen table. One of the bathrooms had a huge tub, a separate shower with two shower heads, and a sofa and TV. So there's really no need to ever leave the bathroom. Outside was a hot tub/infinity pool, where it looks like there's no edge to the pool and the water falls over the side and is pumped back up into the pool. This house sat facing west on the Stono River, part of the intracostal waterway. You can sit on the back deck and watch the sunset over the marsh. They also had a long walkway over the marsh out to the river where they had a boat. In the kitchen they had a spiral staircase that went up to the second kitchen. Plus the whole thing was beautifully decorated. And spotless. I'd hate to have to clean that house. (Although if I could live somewhere like that, I might be able to put up with it.) Mostly I think I was jealous of the huge bathtub. I often wish for a better bath. And maybe the bathroom sofa.


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