Aubrey's Job is Cooler Than Mine

I have this vague undefined feeling that Aubrey's job is just a bit more exciting than mine.

Today at my job I had checked the clock 3 times by 9:16. Yes, we opened at 9:00. But around 10:15, someone actually came in, and I got to help them. That made the next minute go quickly, then they were done. I spent the rest of the morning emailing with my friend Cy. This was generally fun. For the afternoon I tried to prepare for Bible Study in between reminding people of their PIN numbers and explaining how you can only write checks for the amount of money you have already deposited. That was my day.

Aubrey's day began by driving to the airport to meet the private jet which was waiting for her. She got to ride in the cockpit as the jet took off, and whisked her away with a team of doctors to go serve a clinic in an underserved area of South Carolina. She worked with Nuerologists, and took care of people in important and significant ways, helping to improve their quality of life. Then they were whisked back, also by private jet, and were back in town by 3.

This is twice now that Aubrey has gotten to ride in private jets, last time there were also limousines involved. Not once has the credit union chartered a plane, not even a propellor plane to take me somewhere do an emergency PIN change, or reprint an emergency bank statement. Once I had to go outside to see if the ATM machine was clean. That's about as adventurous as credit union life gets.


Ken Shomo said…
That was an exceedingly funny post. Sorry it's not so funny from where you sit...

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