Hail to the Chief

So Dick Cheney was in town this weekend. I'm not exactly sure what he was doing. I guess probably giving some speeches. While Mom and I were walking around downtown, a bunch of people were sitting across the street from this building, just watching it. I asked someone sitting there, and sure enough, Dick Cheney was in that building. Mom and I didn't want to waste time sitting around waiting for him to come out, so instead we kept walking. And even if we didn't see him, we saw the next best thing: His limousine. Cadillac 2. Or whatever it is actually called. And lots of secret service guys standing around, dressed just like in the movies with dark glasses and suits. And they were nice enough to let me get some pictures.

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Ken Shomo said…
The limo probably was THE best thing to see. Vice President Cheney really does look like he's up to no good, consistently. For a guy who's so on the "up and up," this is quite unfortunate.
Ken Shomo said…
Incidentally, you realize he's not the Chief, right? Or was that a pun?
Aubrey said…
I did realize that. I guess i should have titled it "Hail to the vice chief" but I just didn't think of that.

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