Our New Neighbors

Our lack of recent posts to the blog has not been for lack of good material, but rather because our computer has been a bit under the weather. It still is, so tonight I post from Andrew and Melanie's computer.

We have some new neighbors now. They moved in last Saturday while Aubrey and I were in Atlanta visiting Kim, Kristin and Ikea. Two little doves have staked out a corner of our porch and decided to call it their own. They seem nice enough. They don't do too much, mostly just sit, walk around a little bit, and coo. One of them walks with a limp, but Aubrey and I aren't yet convinced if its a real limp, or if he's just trying to play on our sympathies so we don't kick him off the porch. They don't fly very much. If you walk up to them, they mostly just walk away.

They haven't built a nest yet that I've seen. Although they have plenty of material right at hand. In December when we trimmed the branches from our Christmas tree, I threw the extra branches into this corner of the porch, and some of them are still there. There's also a paint pan on the porch which they enjoy sitting in. They seem to have learned that its best not to sit right at the top of the stairs, and so far they seem to have avoided drawing Jessie's attention, which is for their own good.

I've decided to name them: Lo-Ammi (see Hosea 1) and Ephraim (Hosea 7:11). It is a bit difficult to tell them appart, which is the same problem we always had with Shear-Jashub and Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz.


dad said…
Jeff - whats up with your computer?
mom said…
Sure hope it gets fixed. We love your blog.

Just read Hosea this am!

Love, mom

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