Ikea, I love you.

Jeff and I just returned from our first ever trip to Ikea. Wow. That is about all I can say. Ever since my roommates, Maggie and Stephanie, talked about Ikea during freshman year of college, I have wanted to go and see one. But I had NO IDEA it would be like it was. There is so much stuff there!! First, you go all the way to the top floor, which is set up mostly in showrooms with all the different furniture in sets. The next floor down is where everything is sold individually - they have kitchen appliances and wares, all kinds of linens, photos, glassware, and obviously all kinds of furniture. Prices on everything seemed pretty reasonable. Jeff and I ended up getting a cute galvanized steel window box container. Check it out here.

Jeff was also quite excited about some under cabinet lighting. I also wanted 2 of these for our back porch, but we decided to wait. I guess that just means there will be something to look forward to the next time I come down. And there will be a next time. :)


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