Fall has Sprung.

Aubrey's observation of the colder weather has not gone unnoticed by our local trees, who have dutifully donned their fall garb. To be quite precise, fall sprung last weekend, while Aubrey and I were away in St. Louis. Before we went, some trees had turned, and the weather was a bit cooler, but still, when we got to St. Louis, we both commented on how much more fall-like it was there. But when we got home, mysteriously, all the rest of the trees had turned colors over the weekend. We both noticed it almost as soon as we got back. See...?

This was our spring backyard (when we were still house hunting)...

This is our fall backyard...

Sadly, not all our trees "peaked" at the same time, else it would have been really even more beautiful. Still, we are enjoying our nice distinct Greenwood seasons. Its amazing that we only moved three hours from Charleston, and yet the climate is noticeably different. This is the best fall I've had since I left St. Louis four years ago.


ken said…
I'm diggin' that fall backyard.
Mark J. said…
Why is Ken digging in your fall back yard?

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