If they say a journey of 1000 miles starts with the first step, then the journey of redoing a chair must start with a small cushion.

I've been meaning to redo this chair for a while to help make it blend with our new living room. Although it's quite nice and comfy, the fabric, as you can see, just does not really go with our pale blue, brown, and green scheme.

I bough new fabric several months ago (on sale!!), but the thought of starting such a seemingly monumental task has just been too overwhelming thus far in intern year. Over the weekend, I felt like sewing, and so decided I'd recover the tiny accompanying pillow in some green and brown fabric. (Sadly I forgot to take a before pic of that pillow).

Last night, I decided to take on the large cushion, so I'd be one step closer to finishing.

Plus having a half-finished project will just about drive me crazy, which hopefully will be another good motivation to do the rest.

One nice change from my usual projects is that I didn't need to buy anything to finish this. (Something I've actually been working on avoiding.) I took the zipper out of the old cover, and used some cording from an old pillowcase to make the edge around the new little pillow.

As much as I love making my little presents, most of what I sew is not exactly useful. Cute, yes, but useful, not as often. This is one of the rare times when I feel like my sewing is a very useful and practical skill, as opposed to just fun. Recovering a chair would normally be very expensive, but I can do it myself!!

So yay for sewing machines. And for having a little motivation. I'll post more photos when I finish the rest.


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