Cute baby gifts

I guess I'm just at the stage of life where lots of friends are having babies. Which means I get to enjoy making some very cute things. Such as:

These shoes are quickly becoming a favorite thing to make. And making that tiny little skirt was just too much fun!


Melanie said…
I almost can't handle the cuteness. Aubrey, the fact that your seamstressing skills have skyrocketed during residency is really just a good description of you, Ms. Well-Rounded Multitasker. You rock.
Anonymous said…
Those shoes are absolutely adorable!! Is there a pattern online you could link to??
The Balls said…
those shoes are too cute! i'm going to have to make some. you have to be the most amazing time manager ever...when do you find the time to do all this AND be a doctor?! you're awesome!

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