Making a quilt is something that has been on my list of life goals for a while. I actually started this quilt, oh, several YEARS ago on a whim, thinking I'd make it for someone who was pregnant. It's been so long I"m not even sure who I was thinking I'd make it for. Obviously, though, it did not get done then, mostly because I was sewing it by hand and quickly realized that it would take a LONG time to finish. Little did I realize just how long that would be.

Last year while I was in Texas I got some steam and got the front mostly finished, then ran out of steam again when I tried to order this special foot for my sewing machine that then didn't fit, and so the quilt was again relegated to the closet. Moving, of course, put another damper on getting it done, as did the general business of being an intern.

Saturday, though, on my day off, the weather was blah and so I decided to work on it. I realized I could just use the regular foot my sewing machine already had, and I quilted it! Then I made some seam binding, sewed it around the edges (with much gnashing of teeth), and now it's finished!!! So I can mark one more thing of my list. Anyway....so here are the photos of it. Just don't look too closely. There are so mistakes in this thing I can't even count them all. Like the fact that it's not even remotely square. And the binding was a little too narrow, so I ended up having so re-sew it several times, and it still looks sort of messy. Thankfully you can't tell that from the photos.

Here is the front:

Here is the back. I actually really love the way this part turned out, with all the different scraps.
And here I am using it. Because now that I've worked on it for so long I decided I needed to enjoy it.
It doesn't exactly match our living room, but I do like the general cheerfulness of it. It is also nice not to have that pile of fabric taking up space in my craft closet. Now I'm planning my next quilt, hopefully one that will coordinate with our living room colors, and maybe I'll finish it before I finish residency.

We'll see.

And I guess I need to start figuring out the next thing on my life goal list. Anyone know how to get published in National Geographic?


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