Lucy's admirable qualities

Among other things that contribute to her sweetness, Lucy has two very admirable qualities that strike me as somewhat undoglike. Both of them came into play tonight.

1. We had dinner at a friends house tonight, and while we were away Lucy weathered a pretty impressive thunder storm in the back yard. So when we got home she was sopping wet, and dying to come inside. Thankfully, Lucy LOVES being dried off. She likes shaking too, but she will sit patiently for as long as you want to rub her with a towel. Even having her paws dried is fine with her.

2. She also LOVES taking her medicine. I don't know what flavor her heart worm medicine is, but at the very mention of them she starts getting excited and running through her repertoire of tricks. Never before have I had a dog who would eat a pill without it being buried in a hot dog.


newnormal said…
Our dog somehow finds a way to completely avoid taking medicine. When we cover the pill up she swirls the food around in her mouth and then spits out the pill. It's funny but can get so frustrating!
You're lucky :)
Cheryl said…
Smarty and Scoche concur that heartworm medicine is the best!
Kristy said…
Thanks for the wedding gift advice!

My dogs don't mind their heartworm medicine - I treat it like a treat, but they definitely don't like being dried off.

One thing they do, though, that is weird - they love being under the covers. That's where they sleep, and won't settle down until they're under whatever sheets and blankets are on my bed. In fact, if I'm sitting on the couch with a blanket, Harvey has to be under that, too.

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