Jeff's February Reads

Well, with school starting at the beginning of February I did more reading this month than I have in a long time. However, I didn't really finish that many books. I am in the middle of about 8 of 9, but because of the school scheduling, I won't finish them for a few more weeks. So this month is an exercise in humility, and a reminder that its not about quantity, its about quality.

Blessed are the Hungry by Peter Leithart - A collection of meditations on the Lord's Supper. A mixed bag. (7)
Creation Regained by Albert Wolters - For school. Some books are like a good wine. This is a 1988 vintage from Canada. It has subtle hints of hamartiology, soteriology, and a christian worldview all aged in the rich barrels of eschatology. Full bodied and substantial, yet suprisingly sweet; it goes down easily. (9)


Keeeeeeeith said…
I feel smarter just reading about what you read last month.
Melanie said…
Jeff, I didn't think you liked wine. Maybe that book is more like a good Woodchuck?
Jeff said…
That's true, I don't really like wine. But woodchuck, and/or Mountain Dew (my second choice) don't offer as rich of analogies.

I also realized that I shouldn't have used words like hamartiology, soteriology, and other -ologies. Because part of the beauty of the book is that Wolters is really quite accesible, and he avoids that kind of language that makes some theology so dry (to extend the wine metaphor).

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