Paging Dr. Tale

I was very excited about getting to go home this afternoon and take a nap before call. I was almost home when I got a page from my office. I called back and was informed that there was a gentleman at the office who needed to SERVE ME with a SUBPOENA.

A SUBPOENA. As in going to court. Needless to say, I didn't exactly have a restful nap until the guy got to our house and I could see what it was about.

Apparently it is about some sort of custody hearing. Not, like I was envisioning, someone suing me for doing something wrong, leading to me losing my license, not getting a job, and going into to bankrupcy. (For instance.)

I guess I can get in touch with the guardian litem, and I may not have to go to court, which would be nice. I'm not really sure what I'm going to add to the conversation, seeing as I barely even remember this patient, and I only saw this person one time for something minor. I also obviously need to write my name neater as both the subpoena AND the "witness fee" they will pay me for my services ($25) were made in the name of Dr. Auby Tale.

That's me. Auby Tale. Which is sort of funny since when most people say my name who are from these parts it sounds like "Tay-el".


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