Over the weekend Aubrey and I retreated to Gatlinburg for the annual resident retreat. It was fun. We stayed in an enormous log cabin with a pool table, foosball table, and hot tub on the deck with a good view of the smoky mountains.

Here we are on the deck with some really smoky mountains in the background on Saturday morning. Sadly the weather went all downhill from here.

All the first year residents (and one second year) went out to breakfast at one of Gatlinburg's four million pancake houses. What is the deal with all the pancake houses? Here is a poorly centered picture of us in the parking lot of the pancake house.

Then we went to the other quintessential Gatlinburg experience, go cart racing. Here is a pic of Aubrey leading the pack.

In the afternoon we joined our friends Brian and Amanda, along with baby Corrie the Deep Sea Explorer, for a visit to the Aquarium. It was a surprisingly good aquarium, considering it was in Gatlinburg. The highlight is definitely the glass covered walkway through the shark tank. Pictures from that will follow in a seperate post.

After a weekend in Gatlinburg Aubrey and I were feeling a little over commercialized and over advertised to. So we drove home on the Blue Ridge Parkway, where the only signs are the ones telling you your elevation, and the name of the gap your driving through. We went over the highest point on the Blue Ridge Parkway, over 6,000 feet high. Here I am attempting to set the timer on the camera, but forgetting something about the timer button.

Here is a silhouette of me basking in the beauty of the mountains, and striking my best imitation of a bro-like pose.


Totallyscrappy said…
Gatlinburg sounds like fun. I would love to drive up there some time.

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