Warning: The following post contain explicit images of springtime. Readers in cooler climates who are prone to experiencing spring-envy should proceed with caution.

It's Spring! Greenwood is welcoming the season in style with some very pleasant spring time weather. To mark the occasion I planted some flowers this morning. Ever since moving into our new house, Aubrey and I have been jealous of all our neighbors pretty mailbox plantings while our own mailbox languished in blahness. But not any more. Our realtor from last year dropped off some tulips as a thank you for recommending her to some of the new incoming residents, and I planted them.

There are also some extra bulbs in there that will hopefully make an appearance soon.


Melanie said…
Thanks for the warning, Jeff. I feel pretty sure that was just for me. But I saw little green leaves poking up out of the mulch on my way back from the mailbox yesterday - there is hope for tulips in Iowa yet... if they don't all die in the snow we might be getting this weekend.

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