Confessions of an M.Div.

As a guy who's been to seminary, and is a wanna-be pastor, I find that people have certain expectations. For one they expect that I know stuff about the Bible and theology. Knowing that such an expectation exists, I feel like there are a few things I should just let everybody know ahead of time...

1. I often get the words "Calvary" and "Calgary" mixed up. Technically I do know that one is an infamous hill outside Jerusalem, and the other is a city in Canada, but I always have to think for a second before I can remember which is which. There's probably about a 95% chance I'll mess this up in a sermon someday and people will laugh at me.

2. I still have to use a mnemonic to remember what order Galations, Ephesians, Philippians and Colossians come in.

3. I used to know the difference between Infralapsarians and Supralapsarians, and I kinda still know it in a vague, undifferentiated sort of way. But please don't ask me to explain it, or remember which one we're supposed to be.

4. I feel like I'm supposed to like reading theology, and sometimes I do. But most theology is so dry, overwritten, and undernuanced. I hope to help change that some day.


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what's your's?
Anonymous said…
What do you call a quick & painless theology degree?

A McDiv.

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