A few Christmas gifts.

Finally, finally I can post some of the things I've been working on these last few weeks and months now that they have been received by their various recipients.
First, the cutest: it seems to me that every baby needs a stuffed hippo to call their own. Two hippos were made using this pattern I found in a library book.

And my friend Kim gave me this idea after she made me some placemats for my birthday. These were made for Hannah, mom to nephew Jackson.
These hats I made for Jackson and Samuel from an old sweater of my brother's that I felted.
And here is a picture of Jackson actually wearing the hat.
For my mom, Melanie, my mother-in-law, Elise (my brother Austin's very nice girlfriend), and a few others, I made bags like this:

There were different sizes and different materials, but I thought all the bags looked really cute, and there were also matching tissue holders to go along with the bags. (I also got lots of practice putting in zippers, so it was a learning experience.)

I really enjoyed Christmas this year, since I was able to give away so many presents that I had actually made. I've never had that experience before, but hopefully now that I'm learning how to sew, I can keep making gifts for people. There is something deeply satisfying about using your time and talents and producing something that other people can enjoy.


Melanie said…
So cute. Of course, I've seen most of these already since so many came to Iowa. I didn't realize the hippo void in Samuel's life beforehand, but it's so clear now that he really did need one. We love them all!

Oh, and we broke out Quarto when the gang was all here. Elise rocked. We (or I) named her the Quartress. And what can I say? You know your brother all too well... strategy, strategy, strategy.

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