Obituary to my cell phone

Silver Cell Phone #2, you came into my life at a good time. Silver Cell Phone #1 had been driving me crazy with its inability to tell me who was calling, it's occasional, but regular lapses of screen power, and regularity in cutting me off. But in you came, with your lovely and functional caller ID, your sleek design, and even better, your camera that enabled me to have a picture of my honey pop up whenever he called. You had some good games on you, and though I rarely played them, I was glad that they were there. You had some great ringtones. The Smurfs theme song played whenever Jeff called, a nice way to brighten my day. When friends called, there was a sort of rock/rap sounding ringtone that cheerfully informed me people I liked wanted to talk to me. I used your chirping birds as a way to wake up whenever I had to sleep at the hospital.

But alas, your life has been cut short. Cut cruelly short by the tepid but treacherous waters inside the toilet bowl. You met your doom as you so suddenly slipped from a warm pocket into those perilous waters. Despite a very rapid rescue attempt, the waters proved too much for you.

Sleep well, Silver Cell Phone #2. You had a good life. And we will miss you.


Ken Shomo said…
My cat (remember Chilly, Jeff?)batted our Silver Cell #1 into the kitchen sink. It sounds that yours had a less noble "at sea" burial. In short, eww.

But what is most interesting here is the insight into the Jeff/Aubrey relationship. The SMURF theme played whenver Jeff called? And the rap music played when friends called? I'm sure Jeff would have us think it was the other way around...

But alas, we know the truth.
Pete said…
Hey, fish that puppy out and see what happens after a few weeks. A friend of mine had a similar DOUBLE toilet bowl experience, but her's dried out and came back to life after she had bought a refurb replacement!
Pete said…
Penetrating observation, Ken, as always!
Melanie said…
Funny. Andrew's blue cell phone #1 survived a dip in a full glass of ice water. The phone was sitting on the console between the two front seats of the Rho, we went around a curve, and splash. It survived, though it may have been due to the coldness of the water... you know, like the kids who fall through the ice and survive after being underwater for longer than should be possible.
Ken Shomo said…
I didn't know kids survived icy water like that. I will add this to my list of lessons about children that I'm compiling so that I'll be a good dad.

Mark J. said…
I will silently sing a dirge for the phone, as we mourn together.

Emilie said…
my phone survived a dip in the water as well. it just needed to dry out for a couple of days. of course the battery only lasts through about one call now.

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