Baby Sam!!!!

In less than 24 hours, we leave to meet Baby Sam!! I am over-excited and may not sleep too well tonight, just thinking about it!! So I leave you with a few photos of what we have to look forward to:

And just so Jackson doesn't feel left out:


Aubrey & Jeff said…
Yes, that's right, folks. That is VIDEO on our blog. We have entered the 21st century. Or something. :)
Anonymous said…
How do you post video? I have tried for a bit and cant figure it out.

-Lost in Marks head
Melanie said…
Well, if not sleeping well equals excitement, then Samuel is SO excited that Aunt Aubrey and Uncle Jeff are coming. We are going napless this morning, it seems.
Emilie said…
on that note, little joe must be depressed that aubrey and jeff are leaving because he has not done much but sleep today!

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