Home from Iowa

We arrived safely Sunday home from our wonderful time in Iowa. As expected, a great time was had by all, and finally getting to meet Samuel was WONDERFUL. He was so sweet and precious that I could barely stand it. Even though he had a little cold, he still managed to be more or less his usual happy, smiley, and charming self. It was also good to see Andrew and Melanie, and watch them be parents. On Saturday, all of us drove to a little town called Pella, visited with Mark, Cara, and baby Ella Grace, and ate some delicious Dutch letters from an actual dutch bakery. So here are some pics:

Jeff and the Daniel Wilkes "holster hold"

Here is Sam, ready to go outside into the COLD Iowa weather:

Here I am, holding the sleeping Samuel in a way he really seemed to enjoy this weekend. And everyone who hasn't seen it can notice my new haircut:

And here he is doing his favorite activity:
And here is my brother, actually looking like real doctor!! (And squinting because of the bright sun)


Heidi said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. It was really helpful to get an extra hint about the facial cleansing clothes.
You've got some extra cute pictures of babies on your blog.
Anonymous said…

I know it isn't very masculine to comment on a baby's cuteness... but that is one cute kid.

I better make this post anonymous.
Melanie said…
I'll have to agree with Anonymous. And the doctor's not bad, either :)

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