Friendly Advice

So, if you were thinking, " might be a nice night to go to the movie." And then upon looking at various trailers, decide, "Maybe The Good Shepherd would be a good movie to see. There are spies....maybe it will be like James Bond. Let's go see that."


Save the money. Go get ice cream instead. Or take a walk. Even a cold walk. Cleaning? Sounds good. You could even stay home and catch up on some reading (Berkhof, anyone?) but DO NOT go see the movie.

It will be a waste of time and money. And confusing. And somewhat disturbing.

At least we had a good dinner at Moe's.


Anonymous said…
Oh, and also Babel. Don't do it...just say "no" to a movie which accurately portrays the depravity of man and gives no hope. Just a little friendly advice.

Ken Shomo said…
Movies that do that usually win awards. I find it interesting, because I used to be in the same mindset: dark + disturbing = artistic. Then, I was saved. Sometimes I have to remember that the people in Hollywood don't necessarily have an intentional agenda (though there is a spirit driving the trends), they are people like I was.

We should start a list of good movies that also offer hope.

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