Back Home

Yesterday, I got back home after a trip to Indiana for an interview (hopefully my last) and a visit with Austin. I had a great time. I was even mistaken for Austin's younger sister, who had to come to visit the college and think about coming there. :) It is a nice campus, but I've already done college, thankyouverymuch. Elise, Austin's girlfriend, let me stay with her in her nice, on-campus apartment. I ate in the cafeteria. I got my hair cut for $15. (!!!) It snowed a little and we got to do some sledding on this excellent hill. It is good to be home, though, especially when I come home and Jeff has been a busy bee. He completely straightened up our office, including throwing stuff away and making sure all our books have a place on the shelf, and aren't just stacked in messy stacks. He also organized my own personal shelf where I store various medical school books. And he installed (using a new cordless drill he got for Christmas) a pretty metal flowerbox on our porch we got from Ikea many, many months ago. He even made some cookies for Bible study. (Which he then just ate for dinner. I knew it was time to come back when he was eating cookies for dinner.)

And now begins the praying and discussions about where we will go next year. Y'all can please be praying for us as we make this decision. I have to turn in my rank list on February 21, so we have to decide by then. It is exciting and scary to think about moving, and we are trying to trust God in all this. But Jeff still hasn't found a job, and it's looking like we're going to have to turn in our rank list without a job for him, so we're going to have to base our decision on where we think the best chances are, and also consider what programs I liked.

So pray, pray, pray.


Anonymous said…
Cara and I will be praying for this!

Melanie said…
we are praying, praying, praying!

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