Friday, January 05, 2007


Jeff and I had a great time in Colorado. THere is something about snow that brings out the four-year-old in me. We did lots of sledding, walking in snow, and even got to ski for a day. And I did get my wish for a white Christmas. It actually snowed for most of the evening on Christmas Eve, so we even had some new snow for Christmas. Here are some photos highlights:

Of sledding:
Here is Maggie, trying to find a snowball Jeff threw for her.


I think before this trip I had only built one snowman in my entire life. Here is the one Jeff and I built.

And here is the view out the front door on Christmas morning!!


Pastor Mark said...
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Anonymous said...

It looks like Colorado was a cold and wonderful place to be, sounds like the good frame work for a story Jeff. Your fans here in Leighton are waiting. I would write one, but I have no fans (and the violin plays a sad melody.) I’m glad the trip went well for all, and that you all made it back safe.

Anonymous said...

From Mark (the earlier post)