My best craft ever....

Finally, finally, finally I can post a photo of my best craft ever. I made the first one a long while ago, but only recently did everyone whom I wanted to surprise receive them. So here he is, trying to keep warm in this unseasonably cold spring.
But soon, summer will be here and he can hit the beach.
He also really loves to swim, but doesn't love when the salt water gets in his eyes. (These are multi-purpose goggles, so he can also use them when he goes skiing.)

I really amused myself this time. I created the pattern for this little guy by modifying this one .

(And don't worry, Melanie, I already made Sam's penguin goggles and sunglasses, but just haven't stuck them in the mail yet. You'll get them in time for summer, though.)

It's going to be sad next year when I don't have as much time to play.


Melanie said…
Aubrey, you can read my mind. We can't wait for our penguin's summer wardrobe, but it's a good thing we still had the hat - it snowed last week. And I love the goggles. They make him look a little "evil superhero," which is all the better for a penguin.

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