Eventful weekend

Wow...lots has happened since our last post. We've had a very busy weekend of househunting, but more on that later.

For the 4th year in a row, I completed the Cooper River Bridge Run.

Here are the super speedy Kenyans. I was right up there racing with them, but somehow this picture doesn't show it. :) I guess somehow Jeff just missed getting me in this photo since I was soo fast. (Ok, ok, so there may have been a few dozens (or possibly thousands) of people between me and them.)

So maybe I can't quite compete with the Kenyans, but I did get my best time yet for a 10K. In the four years of medical school (which was really when I started running) I've taken 6 minutes off my time. Although I didn't win my division like last year, I think I did pretty well. Sadly, I went to check my time on the website, and for some reason my timing chip didn't work and so I have no official time. But it was somewhere around 54 minutes, which was my goal.

It's been a long time since I've been as sore as I was yesterday. Watching me hobble down steps and into and out of houses all day was probably an amusing sight. I had to kind of sidle down sideways since stepping directly forward was nearly impossible.

I guess that's just the price I have to pay for my speedy finish. :)

And check back tomorrow for more house hunting news.


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