House News

Jeff and I are excited to announce that we found a house!!! We made an offer, and after a little haggling (they demanded that we keep their nice, new washer and dryer), we came to an agreement and we are now under contract!! So we are definitely moving to Greenwood. (Not that it wasn't definite before, but now we will have a place to put all our stuff.) Here are some photos:

And possibly my favorite part, the master bath: But first, a reminder of what our current master (and only) bathroom looks like:
And now the new:

When you compare our future bathroom with our current bathroom, you get a much better idea why I'm so excited. There is counter space! and a nice tub! two beautiful sinks! level floors! new fixtures! natural light! a nice window! a big mirror! that is right behind the sink!! and even enough space to turn around!!!

And in our new house we will have a whole two and a half bathrooms!! That's three total toilets, and two showers!!! Jeff and I could both use the toilet AT THE SAME TIME and still have ONE WHOLE toilet leftover! And the bathrooms all look nice, with nice tile floors and lovely white gleaming countertops. I guess you never imagined that a person could get so excited about a bathroom. But I can.

And when I think about the fact that the lovely wooden fence means that we will have space for a dog, I think I might burst from excitement. (Hopefully not in the new house, since that would leave quite a mess on my walls.)


Megan said…
Looks like you could accomodate an extra family of 6 quite nicely. So when can we move in with you?

:) What a great house! And understanding completely your excitement about the bathroom. We have one toilet here and it is not uncommon to see a line waiting to use it...
Melanie said…
I LOVE it! Your bathroom excitement is totally understandable; there are still days when I rejoice over our multiple toilets. My favorite part is that guests don't use our bathroom. My least favorite part is that it means our bathroom gets cleaned about half as often as the one downstairs ...
Emilie said…
wow - level floors in the bathroom. I love it! I can imagine that kind of excitement over a bathroom. :-) Some day. . . . .

The house is fabulous!
Elise said…
What a lovely new nest... How exciting!
Ken Shomo said…

What kind of washer and dryer?

Jeff, we need a little guy talk here -- what's YOUR favorite part of the house?

Also, we know of a little whippet puppy that needs a home (not ours).

Jeff said…

Thank you for asking. I have several favorite parts. I love the back yard and the garage. Its hard to choose my favorite. Is it the garage, or is it the fact that the refrigerator has a water dispensor thingy on the front of it? Man I love those water dispensor thingys. Fresh cold water on demand. That's hard to beat.

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