At the beach....

Just a short post to let everyone know that I, Aubrey, will be at the beach this week. My cute and funny husband had to stay at home and win some bread. (Boooo.) So I'm here with some medical school friends celebrating being done!! Our first day has been gloriously uneventful.

That said, there won't be much posting, unless you can convince my cute and very funny husband to write a few posts.

Pictures to come later.....


Ken Shomo said…
Congrats at finishing med school. That's really great.

We were just at the beach as well, funny you should mention it. Smarty posted pics on her blog.

Melanie said…
I sure hope Jeff has some luck convincing those bank guys to give him some of his bread.

"Ain't gonna give me none of my bread" is still our favorite bank story, although the Chex one is close behind. Enjoy the beach. 16 days till we're there to join you - and Sam got a bathing suit today :)

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