Why I'm glad I'm in the PCA....

I just watched an ETV documentary about Jim Jones and his "People's Temple."

Scary. And exceedingly disturbing. It's nice to know that it would be extremely hard for someone to get so off base in the PCA that they would talk about how the Bible isn't "a powerful book" and then proceed to throw it like a football across the room. (Which he actually did according to a former member who was one of the 7 or so people to survive the massacre.)

And then there is the whole group suicide. Which I'm pretty sure also couldn't happen in the PCA. It seems like at some point, someone would have brought some charges against this guy at presbytery, he would have been booted out and defrocked, without a congregation to continue leading astray.

Stories like this one make you really thankful for church discipline and a form of government that gives oversight to lots of Godly men who prayerfully consider issues and try to maintain good, biblical teaching in the church.


Elise said…
Austin and I watched part of that, too. Creepy!
Jason said…
I believe Jones was defrocked but he decided to strike out on his own.

Jason Greer

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