My favorite kind of Saturday.....

Today I got one of my favorite kinds of saturdays.

It started with a somewhat early rise, around 7:15. I actually did a tiny bit of cleaning, then made breakfast. Then Erin came over and went on a bike ride for around 45 or 50 minutes. Unlike last week, there was almost no wind, and so we didn't get passed by anyone, and definitely not by anyone running or walking.

Then we did a short, but fairly quick 5K. Even with our bike ride, we still did just over 3 miles in less than 26 minutes. So we were feeling good.

Then we went to the Farmer's market, possibly my favoritest saturday morning activity in Charleston, bought some local fruit and veggies, and shared an omelet with tomatoes, pesto, spinach and cheese. And we got delicious coffee. Yum all around. We got to walk through the market and made sure we sampled everything, especially all the different kinds of homemade jams. I didn't try one of the mini-doughnuts that I love, but maybe next week.

Now, if I could just get Jeff to come with me, it would have been perfect.

The most exciting part was when we were walking to the market, and suddenly we saw a guy on a motorcycle that had a sidecar!!! Naturally, we got very excited, and our loud excitement was quickly noticed by the driver. He pulled over, offered to take us on a ride, and Erin jumped in to go around the block. (He told me I could sit on a seat behind him, but I declined since I had no helmet and was wearing flip-flops.) As he and Erin drove away, I was suddenly left thinking, "I hope he brings her back...." But she did at least have her cell phone, so I figured it couldn't be too bad. Although getting into any form of transportation with a total stranger is probably not the wisest idea. (Apparently those lessons we learned about strangers in kindergarten didn't stick very well.) In a few short minutes, thankfully, they came back.

Don't you know this guy bought this thing hoping someday he would be stopped by a beautiful woman who wanted a ride? He seemed quite excited that his master plan was finally working.

If we ever see him again, maybe I'll ask for a ride. (Because how many chances do you get to ride in a sidecar?)


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