Let the sewing begin!

Moving into our new house has given me the perfect opportunity to take advantage of my improving sewing skills. Here are some photos of what else I've been doing besides painting and getting certified to try and shock people's hearts back into beating.

Sheer curtains for the study

Two pretty pillows (my favorite sewing project so far) that started out as linen napkins I got on sale at the pottery barn outlet. You can see the front and the back. I really love the back - I used a decorative stitch in blue thread that matches the front. AND I got to have an actual reason to buy and use some cute buttons - these weren't just purchased because I have this somewhat irrational thing for buttons.

Here they are gracing our new lovely couch.

Cafe curtains for the kitchen.
A closer-up photo of the fabric.
A valance for above our sliding glass door.

My second favorite - we had these two wooden chairs with cushion seats that didn't match and had started to sag. With my mom and my Aunt Ruth Ellen's help, I ripped off the old fabric, tightened the seat, replaced the stuffing, and recovered it with a fabric that looks great in our living room!

There are still tons of things I'd like to make - like a slipcover for our red chair, curtains in our bedroom and living room, and some more pillows for the couch. Hopefully I'll have a little free time in the next few months when I can get it done!


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