We're Back Online!

As of this morning, we finally have internet at the house again. We are very happy about this. So for you few intrepid blog checkers who have not given up on us, you will now be rewarded with new content from time to time.

Aubrey is at the hospital for her first day of orientation today, and I am about to go play golf with another of the resident's husbands. But check back soon for pictures of our newly painted house, and other exciting Tell news. Hint: I'm fixing some gaps in the backyard fence tomorrow in preperation for a new family member who's coming on Thursday!


Anonymous said…
CONGRATS!! I had no idea you and Aubrey were expecting. But so soon??
Erin E. said…
ahhhh....yahooooo!!!! here comes the puppy dog. i can not wait to see her. i'm guessing she's a her? i miss ya'll like crazy and want to come visit real real soon. i need a bike ride and a run!
love ya'll.
Melanie said…
Jessie can't wait to see pictures of her new cousin!

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