Our New Pooch!

This morning the Tell family officially expanded by one. We went to the humane society to pick up our new dog. She just got fixed yesterday, so she's pretty groggy this morning, and is mostly just laying around, with a little bit of walking around and sniffing.

And here she is getting all taken care of by Aubrey...

We are still without a name for her, and perhaps you can help us out here. The people at the humane society had named her Strudie, but we think that's ridiculous. We chose a few names that we liked, and we've narrowed it down to either Lucy or Wrigley. What do you think?


Melanie said…
Dear Strudie,
I'm sorry your name is so weird right now. My name was Easy when mom and dad adopted me, so there is hope for you, too. They almost changed my name to Lucy, but since I got Jessie, I think you should be Lucy. I hope we get to meet soon.
Your cousin,
Jenny McFadden said…
Dear Strudie,

What's up with Strudie? Is that like a strudel? Those are good - raspberry, cheese; I'll take them any way I can. I also had a weird name when my mom and dad adopted me - Beauty. While I am beautiful, I ain't no beauty. Beauty is a horse's name, not a name for squirrel and rat conquering champion hound dog like myself. You look like you could rustle up some nice rodents yourself, so I vote for Wrigley.

--Maisy McFadden

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