I heart being a doctor.

Although my first official day isn't until Monday, on Friday all the interns rounded with the service they'll be starting on, so come July 1 (or 2, if you are like me) we won't all be quite as clueless. This means I got to round with the OB team. I loved it. First of all, I got to wear my new, long white coat, a symbol of finally being a doctor. (Our coats even have our names embroidered on them.) I felt very proper. Second, many of our OB patients are from Mexico, so I got to speak some spanish. After we finished seeing the hospital patients, Carlos (my fellow intern) and I got to help out with OB clinic, a clinic that was with all hispanic patients who come to Greenwood from Saluda for their OB care. I got to play a little with the ultrasound machine, and even got to tell a lady that she was having a little boy, since I managed to stumble onto a good picture of the baby's....well... nether regions. And I got to do a Pap smear (way more fun to do on someone else than to have done to you) and have a fairly long discussion with a patient about some birth control options. (At least, it felt long, since it was all in spanish, and I was struggling a little for words since I haven't spoken it with a patient in months.)

I think I'm really going to like this whole doctor thing.


Melanie said…
And Aubrey, I am SURE your patients will heart you. We're praying for you as you begin this crazy year. You might want to bookmark this post so you can re-read it in a couple months :)

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