Lucy at the Lake

Last night we went on a little family picnic down to Greenwood Lake State Park. We had a nice little picnic on the grass by the lake. It was nice and scenic. And don't tell anyone, but we didn't pay our four dollar entry fee. We tried to, but there was no one on duty to make change for us, and we certainly weren't going to leave a six dollar tip with our ten dollar bill. We were only there about an hour anyway, so I don't think we used up four dollars worth of park.

We even brought Lucy's dog food, so she could enjoy a picnic dinner. As it turns out, the ol' reach around and take your own picture trick is a bit tougher with a dog in it...

The really amazing thing about this next picture (other than the fact that Aubrey is managing to smile with a mouth full of sandwich!) is that Lucy has stopped begging long enough to go eat her own dinner.

Lucy was quite interested in the lake. She was never brave enough to actually touch the water or to drink from it, and she did get somewhat startled by a small boat wake that came near her. But she definitely wanted to sniff the lake.


Keeeeeeeith said…
I want to make sure I'm reading this correctly...

Jeff at golf course

Jeff painting at home

Jeff at picnic at park

Jeff in Atlanta for Cubbies game


hmmm...sounds like Jeff is having a rough time... :-) Any prospects for financial gain?

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