Lucy Dog

Unless we come up with some other great name, I think we're going to call her "Lucy." She seems to be settling in OK. Yesterday she was definitely a little groggy and very confused and nervous about her new surroundings. The hardwood floors can apparently be a little scary, as can any interesting noise like the water running in the tub, the steps to our back porch, the sliding glass door opening, the wooden rocking chair, and almost everything else she encountered, including the nice, soft bed we bought so she wouldn't have to sleep on the hard floor. So far, she seems to prefer the hard floor.

She has learned 1 sound that she loves: opening the foil bag of "snausage" treats, which we used yesterday to bribe her back onto our porch due to her fear of stairs (stairophobia?) so she would come inside. "Snausages," besides being fun to say, are also apparently quite tasty.

She can't walk in a straight line very well, and so is constantly cutting you off when you walk her. We'll definitely have to work on that, although in the 20 feet I jogged with her yesterday, she seemed to trot mostly in a straight line, so maybe she does better at faster speeds.

She seems to think that when we go upstairs, if she runs around to the area under the stairs, she'll meet back up with us. The concept of "upstairs" seems to be currently out of her grasp.

I finished my first week of orientation, and am looking forward to enjoying the weekend by going to a Rampey Family reunion at Table Rock State Park. There will be lots of talking and even more eating.


Smarty said…
My sister's name is Lucy. Sometimes she comments on my blog. Make sure she uses a code name when she comments - I would recommend "Lucy 2," "Pilgrim Lucy," or (if it's not taken) "Rover."
Anonymous said…
Lucy is the name of my brother's cat. Lucy is the devil.

Plato (Esp)

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